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I have to folowing document:

page #   function           page number I want
1        cover page         i
2        table of contents  ii
3        text               1
4        text               2
5        text               3

I have been told that this can be achieved with sections, but I cant get it to work. This is what I tried:

  1. After the table of content, insert a "section break - next page" instead of a regular page break to create a new section after the TOC. To achieve this, position the cursor after the TOC, then go to page layout tab, open the dropdown Breaks and click Next Page under Sections Breaks.
  2. Go to insert tab, and choose page number > Bottom of page > Whatever style you like. And then the tricky part, go to insert tab, page number > format page number and choose continue from previous section. But this shows numbers only on pages #2 and #4 for some reason.

I have filldled quite a lot with the format page number options, but can't find something I want. Do you have a way to do it ?

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  1. On the first page of each new section you have inserted using the Next Page Insert Section button and already inserted your page number, double click the footer.
  2. On the Design Ribbon, click the Link to Previous button so that it is not highlighted. I think this is the step you haven't done: It will allow you have independent page number formatting.
  3. Now in each section, click on the page number in the header or footer, then on the Design Ribbon, click Page Number > Format Page Numbers...
  4. In this dialog, you can set your Number Format and the starting page number for each section. Click OK.
  5. Repeat for each section as needed!
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