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I use a lot of folders in Outlook/Exchange and rules for automatically sorting incoming mail. I know that there are shortcuts like:

  • 1 = Mail
  • 2 = Calendar
  • 3 = Contacts

... and so on. I've also found that ShiftM (Move message) is useful for manually sorting mail.

Are there any shortcuts that will allow me to change the current mail view to another folder. Something like ShiftM, but instead of moving the current message it would change my view to that folder, would be perfect.

I also did a quick look into the custom keyboard shortcuts functionality in OSX System Preferences, but you can only use that to call an existing menu item with no shortcut defined and I can't find what I want to do on a menu, so that doesn't appear to be of any help either.

If it makes a difference, I'm using Outlook 2010.

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