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I have a computer with 2 memory modules, I have run it through a memtest test, and it come up with just one red line that point me to just one Error-Bit.

Based on the fact that currently i am not experience any issues with the computer, but i am want to give it to somebody, and I don't want him come to me a week after to repair it.

  • Is just one error bit bad enough to replace one of the sticks ?
  • Is it a sign for more errors to come in the near future ?
  • How can i know that the error is because the Memory modules themselves and not from the Motherboard slots ?

BTW: i have done some search on this site in order to find answers to my questions but i didn't found a specific answer for these question.

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Not all errors necessarily mean you'll have problems. – Shinrai Dec 6 '11 at 21:32
  • Is this ECC memory? If it is, it's fault tolerant to a certain extent. Personally, I'd replace it if it isn't a heat related issue or something that can be cured by reseating the memory in it's slot. The next failure could be on a disk write to an important file.
  • Most likely you will see more failures over time, but I would be inclined to make sure it isn't just an overheating or poorly seated memory module.
  • To find out if it's a memory module or a slot, swap the memory with a stick on another slot and see if the fault location changes.
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