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Can you suggest a good battery meter utility for Windows? Battery status being graphically displayed in the taskbar is the (obvious) minimum requirement. Anything else the utility can inform or do is a plus.

(If the battery meter taskbar icon is turned off by an admin it does not appear for non-admin users. That could be another reason to look for a battery meter utility apart from the one which comes with Windows.)

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BatteryBar works on XP, Vista and Windows 7. This is the one I eventually ended up using and would recommend. Article on it from LifeHacker here, see image below:

alt text

If you want to use something neat for just Vista/Windows 7, BattCursor is my other recommendation. It has the added ability of disabling the Aero theme at a certain battery level to help squeeze a few extra minutes' juice out of the battery. It can even change the colour of the taskbar or mouse cursor. alt text

alt text

Both are freeware.

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Notebook BatteryInfo is about as accurate as it gets with 'dumb laptop batteries'

alt text

(Doesn't require the .NET Framework)

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