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In How to disable my netbook's touchpad when a usb mouse is connected I could not find an answer for my question.

Some laptops have drivers that automatically disable touchpad when external mouse is connected. My three-years-old toshiba's drivers does not have such option. Is there any software with such functionality? Answers to mentioned question say to use driver's option. I don't have that driver and thus don't have such option. What can I do?

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I'm looking for third-party software for this too; Acer's India tech support took 20 minutes to tell m e they THINK it's synaoptics and they refuse to support Windows 7. "PowerSwitch" is great for laptops and I'm hoping to find a third party program like that but for the trackpad ONLY when mouse is hooked up. – John Mar 23 '15 at 14:51

I havn't seen or know of a program which does this, but AutoHotKey will allow you to automate what Shree said about...

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Go into the Control Panel and go into pointing devices or mouse, and there is a tick box for disabling the touchpad.

Another option is Fn + F9.

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I know how can I manually disable a touchpad. What I want is an automatic disable of touchpad when a mouse is connected. – Jan Ajan Dec 7 '11 at 11:06

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