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I am getting a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), currently here are my options:

They all seem to have less than 500W. I was wondering if they will work fine with my 500W PSU? In terms of price they are all the same (around $60) and I am not really sure about their differences.

I hope you can also recommended what's best between them. I am using a mid-end gaming rig BTW.

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To definitely answer this question, you will need to use something like a Kill A Watt, which will tell you that actual amount of electricty you are using. The amount that you are using really depends on your hardware components such a CPU, # of hard drives & RPM speeds, graphics cards, etc.

The first two UPSs look the same to me as far as specs go and the last URL won't load for me.

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They will work just fine with your computer. Note the Batteries & Runtime graph on the APC site. You are probably looking at a usage of about 200-300W on your computer, so that gives you 5 min of battery time.

You should look at the product groups ( Under "Model list" chose 500W and you can see the estimated time under it. I would recomend at least a 540 Watts / 900 VA model.

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