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I recently got a bluetooth headset, a BTH002, for testing purposes. It uses Bluetooth v 2.1.

I bought a bluetooth adapter to use with it, a Trust BT-2400p. it has Bluetooth version 3.0. The adapter is plugged into a USB 2.0 port.

Everything installed fine, but the audio playback is really choppy and when watching a video I can hear that the audio lags behind quite a bit. When starting a Skype call the audio quality is lowered so that if I play music in the background I can clearly hear that the sound quality is, in lack of a better word, crappy.

The distance between the bluetooth adapter and the headset is never farther than 1 meter. The battery is not low, otherwise it would complain by emitting a small beep.

I am pretty new to this technology and don't know what to expect from a bluetooth headset. Is there anything I could try to improve the audio quality?

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