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I've recently installed Snow Leopard in my MacBook. I made a clean installation, although I restored some data and settings from a Time Machine backup, and the first weird thing I noticed was that the «Welcome video» had no sound at all.

I've discovered later that the sound was disabled/muted whenever Snow Leopard started, although I could listen the startup chime anyway. It was perfectly possible to enable the sound again just by pressing a button, but this issue was kind of weird.

I've found in a forum people with the same problem. Some users even experience their sound volume reseted to a specific value. How can this be solved?

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Feel free to accept your own answer! (Or first make that answer Community Wiki if you feel bad about accepting your own solution.) – Arjan Oct 4 '09 at 14:03
Oh, I've just forgot! Thanks for the reminder :) – Auron Oct 5 '09 at 13:38
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The forum suggests that this could be an issue with some setting files. The solution seems to be simple, fortunately:

In Macintosh HD / Library / Preferences / Audio there are two audio setting files. Delete them. Set your sound to the desired setting. Restart.

The directory may contain some copies of the setting files "tagged" with ~orig. You can delete them as well.

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