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Is there some way to set up shortcuts to easily switch between having two monitors extended or duplicated simply? Perhaps a powershell script that would set it to one and another powershell script that would set it to the other settings?

(My motivation is that when I am working alone I want the monitors set to extended to be able to use them both effectively, but sometimes when collaborating or displaying something it is convenient to have the display duplicated. Since I go back and forth, frequently, I would like a shortcut to make the change, rather than going through the Screen resolution menu in Windows 7 every time.)

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In windows 7, you can hit the windows key + p to launch the screen menu: Windows Monitor selection menu

If you are using a laptop, a lot of laptops have shortcut keys that will launch this menu, on thinkpads, it is Fn + F7. This menu uses whatever settings, as far as resolutions, that you have set in the Screen Resolution menu.

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Fantastic, thank you. I would still be interested in powershell solution simply because I am trying to learn powershell as well, but this works beautifully in practice. – TimothyAWiseman Dec 7 '11 at 23:50

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