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I recently downloaded a copy of the Chrome/Chromium OS Lime version from Hexxeh's website (chromeos.hexxeh.net) to try it out.

On the website, there are 2 versions of Chrome OS - Vanilla and Lime. Vanilla is a basic version while Lime adds some more features. Vanilla is available in VMware, Virtualbox and USB versions while Lime is available only in USB version.

I wanted the Lime one so I downloaded the USB .img file and burned a USB on my MacbookPro using Hexxeh's USB burning utility. Then I loaded up VMware fusion 4, hoping to do a USB install on it. Soon I found out that VMware fusion doesn't allow usb installs so I went and downloaded a utility called plpbt that helps in USB based installs (recommended on the vmware forums). I ran that and did the usb install, but when I select USB, the VM's screen just goes blank with no installation (I waiting it out for about 15 minutes).

Not feeling defeated, I downloaded Hexxeh's Vanilla version's VMWare copy (4 separate versions of it), hoping to at least get a glimpse of Chrome OS. That did not work at all and all that I was stuck with was a blank screen with a strange geometric shape. Upon researching, I found out that that version only works on vmware player on windows (hexxeh himself said so on him twitter account). The only thing I could do was to convert the file to play on VMware Fusion. So, I downloaded the free VMware converter utility from VMware and ran that. It took the vmware file I gave to it, completed the conversion process but again, when I ran it, it did not work, with the same vector graphic showing up and no installation happening.

Then I downloaded Hexxeh's Vanilla VirtualBox version. It worked instantly, without any glitches or errors. Here's the thing, I prefer VMware Fusion 4 to VirtualBox because it is more easy to use, more compatible with Mac OS X (Lion) and because I paid for the thing!

Is there anyone who has experimented with hexxeh's Chrome OS on a Mac? I'd love a solution!

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