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I am having some trouble connecting to an Ubuntu 10.10 server.

I am using Fedora 16.

Some things that I have tried

  • The server and all of its shares can be seen on the windows computer.

  • I can ping the server and other window machines successfully

  • I have installed samba and samba client on the fedora machine.

  • Under Network on the fedora machine, I have one option "Windows Network"

    *After installing Samba and samba client I was able to enter.

    *I then am given a Work Group Icon *When Trying to connect to the work group I get the error message

    Unable to mount location - Failed to retrieve share list from server

Additional Notes/Updates

-The windows machine on the network also has a shared folder (Which cannot be seen)

From the research I have done already it seems that the only way to solve this is pretty complicated. I have been through a few tutorials, guides, etc but nothing has fixed the issue.

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I was finally able to connect.

Earlier I had tried mounting via terminal after modifying /etc/fstab and was still unable to get that to work.

Finally I added the following line to /etc/fstab

//SERVER/SHARE /home/name/folder cifs user=USER,uid=1000,gid=100,noperm 0 0

To have it auto mount the directory some parameters needed to be specified and your password needed to be stored somewhere.

//SERVER/SHARE /home/name/folder cifs users,auto,credentials=/path/credentials_file,noexec,noperm 0 0 

A file was then created with the directory = to credentials=/path/credentialsfile and these two lines were added to that file. Correct permissions etc were given by using the tutorial I link to later.



SERVER = IP of Server
/home/name/folder = location to mount too
SHARE = the share name of the folder/file, not sure if using the real name when the sharename is different will work.
USER=my username

When I run mount -a the share mounts successfully.

This link has some nice examples of every type of connection

FSTAB Modifications

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