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Many of my users have their files on one big CMIS server.

PROBLEM: They can not use their files while not connected to the Internet.

QUESTION: Is there a Dropbox-like software for CMIS?

  • When connected, pushes local changes to the server
  • When connected, polls the server every n minutes to pull changes
  • Cross-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows, maybe Android?)
  • Ability to check out only a part of the repository
  • Preferably open source
  • Dropbox-like UI is perfect but other UI concepts are welcome too

For instance, SparkleShare is like DropBox for Git.
CMIS is a document transfer protocol used by Alfresco, Sharepoint, EMC, Filenet, OpenText, Lotus, ...

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Here is a discussion about creating such a tool: – Nicolas Raoul Apr 24 '12 at 9:28

Adobe Drive 3 has a CMIS connector and offline functionality (untested). Available for Mac and Windows.

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Nice! I could not find the price... There is a "Student & teacher pricing" button but no pricing info anywhere... maybe it is just free? I don't have any Windows or Mac to test and see whether it requires payment at install or something... would you happen to know whether it is free or not? Thanks! – Nicolas Raoul Apr 21 '12 at 7:18
From reading the doc, it does not seem to allow one to edit offline documents while disconnected from the network:… Where have you seen this offline feature? Thanks! – Nicolas Raoul Apr 24 '12 at 9:34
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After 8 months of searching I still haven't found any Dropbox-like client for CMIS, so I created one: CmisSync

enter image description here

Available on Windows and Linux, soon Mac. Open Source.

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