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I am looking for FireFox extension that will change Advertisement to my own jpgs. It seems, that AdChange For AdblockPlus 1.0.1 by Thibaud MATHIEU is what I need, but it doesn't work with latest FireFox, more over, it doesn't work with latest AdBlock Plus extension.

Another example is Add-art extension... but it replaces not all Ads that AdBlock blocks.

So, are there any other extensions which will replace Ads to my own pictures?

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Try this Add-On at It replaces ads with an image of Jesus.

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This link is broken. Could you provide an official firefox addon link? – Simon Sheehan Dec 23 '11 at 1:22

Not an extension, but IMHO equally useful: a filtering proxy like Privoxy. It also allows for replacing ads by a custom image. Just activate banner filtering by size or by URL and pass your custom replacement image's path to the set-image-blocker action.

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