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What is wrong with this?

tar --diff --gunzip --file=/media/disk/filename.tgz

This is GNU tar 1.23 on Ubuntu. The complaint is gzip:stdin:input/output error.

The following just hangs and there is no apparent disk seek activity.

tar --diff fz /media/disk/filename.tgz
tar --compare fz /media/disk/filename.tgz
tar -d vfz /media/disk/filename.tgz
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It has to be --gzip or -z, but not gunzip.

Also, in your second code block. If you give the f argument, there has to follow the file:

tar --diff zf /media/disk/filename.tgz
tar --compare zf /media/disk/filename.tgz
tar -d vzf /media/disk/filename.tgz

All of them work. Notice that I moved the f argument right before the filename.

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tar --compare --verbose -z --file=filename.tgz ./directory > logfile

This or some variant worked. The point of redirecting to the logfile is to reduce clutter: the 'file not found' sort of differences stay on the console, the rest go into the logfile. I do not know why the other attempts by the OP did not work.

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