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I'm trying to build a custom WES7 distribution and therefore include my own Application and Drivers. I want to integrate my applications in the configuration process with the Image Configuration Editor, therefore it would be usefull to build a CAB file that is compatible to the installation process.

The CAB files include an, update.mun , a manifest file and the content that will be installed, either drivers or files, write them manually is not possible.

There is a tool "cabwiz" included in the Windows Embedded Compact toolkit, but I couldn't test it. Any help is appreciated, thanks :)

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For all those searching for the same terms as I did. In WES7 you don't create CAB files, only Microsoft does. This is only a reference how they did it, not a manual.

Instead you have to add files to the Out-of-Box and the $OEM$ folder.

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Interesting find, I would have figured there was some sort of nLite-like utility. At least it seems pretty easy to do. – Melikoth Dec 12 '11 at 17:30

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