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We have a product which has two divisions one is workstation edition which contains only UI and other is Server edition contains both UI and database part.We do have lot of systems running on Different set up and networks.Out of one network client system UI hangs. I verified in Taskmanager its taking more CPU and Memory.So i desided to forcibly close the application. Again i restarted but after sometime again hanged. But i am sure this is something related to network setup,or host file manupulations

When i checked host file resides in the server i can see a lot of entries  leafsp3                       sp3                       # Victor  msn-leafsp4 msnfsp4                    # Victor  

Here "msn-leafsp4" is client system name , but again i am seeing an entry in that line "msnfsp4" , do i need to move it in to comments(#) .I beleive this guy Victor is working different netwrok may be for some testing he did like that. So my question is other than IP address and Hostnames all should be moved in to comments right?

What are the other possible checks i need to look for finding the slowness? IF same name with different IP address will make this kind of behaviour? Do i need to disable any ports?

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@Dave M Do you feel anything wrong in host file – peter Dec 9 '11 at 16:12
if the router has any issues any driver software are out of date, will that make any issues? – peter Dec 9 '11 at 16:22

If a process is using more CPU time & memory, it's highly unlikely that the cause is a network configuration issue, however if the application is poorly coded then the hang could be due to repeatedly trying to connect to an IP address.

To address your specific hosts-file-related concern, if a hosts file has multiple IP addresses listed with the same name, the first will be used (this can be inferred from this ancient microsoft article which states that the file is parsed as needed in a linear fashion). Having multiple names mapped to the same IP address, as is the case with your sample hosts file, is also fine - for example, actual domain names in use by the wider internet can point to the same IP address (and this is quite common).

With regards to the odd formatting of your hosts file, that is definitely non-standard. What you need to change it to will depend on what hostnames are expected by various different applications. If I was you, I would include both sets of names, because I don't know which are in use:  leafsp3                        # Victor  sp3                            # Victor  msn-leafsp4                    # Victor  msnfsp4                        # Victor

I'm not sure what you mean by disabling ports exactly as I've never heard of it.

In terms of other troubleshooting, check whether other applications are working fine, and if they are, just wait. I assume you're on Windows, so you can use the Sysinternals Process Explorer to keep an eye on whether a process is reading/writing to the disk/network (if you turn on the appropriate columns) which is nice to reassure yourself that something is happening. Often the problem is simply that the application is performing a calculation instead of drawing updates to the screen (to put it simply for the benefit of later people reading this), and when the calculation finishes then the window will stop "not responding" and everything will go back to normal.

If all else fails, complain to whoever supports the software. It sounds like an enterprise type of product so there should be appropriate channels to get this kind of thing fixed.

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sorry both has different network name, i corrected ips. So you mean " msn-leafsp4 msnfsp4" is not a big mean here some other systems are treating this ip as name msn-leafsp4 and some are msnfsp4 rite? – peter Dec 9 '11 at 16:35 msn-leafsp4 followed by msnfsp4 on the next line would not be an issue. If they are on the same line, I suspect only the first would be recognized (msn-leafsp4 in your example). And if, in your comment, by "systems" you mean "applications", then yes: some applications may try to connect to msn-leafsp4 and others may connect to msnfsp4, and that would be normal - but whether that is actually the case depends on the applications & their configuration. – Caspar Dec 9 '11 at 16:45 system which has application hung so based on your input lot of applications are interacting with that system, so possibly that also will lead to a hung?? – peter Dec 10 '11 at 1:38
I don't fully understand your comment. It's possible that an overloaded system could lead to a slowdown which looks like a hang, but I never intended to imply that a lot of applications were interacting with Really, this is likely complete guesswork and you're much better off contacting the developer of the application if you truly believe it is not functioning as designed. – Caspar Dec 10 '11 at 2:30

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