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I wanted to have a dual core processor. And I received this chance: a new computer without a hard drive or video card. I hoped that my SATA1 hard drive worked on this SATA2 connector; and obtained a new video card. Everything was working fine with the exceptions that PCI cards weren't working ("Device failed to start - code 10") and the computer was randomly restarting at BIOS POST or while working at full load. The 350 watt PSU fan was making strange sounds, too.

While I was cleaning the case, I found a Molex connector. It was the front panel display connector. I connected it and turned the PC on. The display was blue for a few miliseconds and then after that the blue colour was gone. The display shows CPU, GPU, HDD temperature, and fan speed. Also it was showing the power load, which I didn't understand.

I turned off the computer after that to clean the PSU. I cleaned the PSU, but didn't replace it. Instead I installed a new 650 watt PSU, which fixed the problem of the PCI cards not working. I connected the display at the next reboot.

I started the computer. It beeped. It was the front panel display. The display wasn't blue as it needs to be. (My two friends have same case and no problems with the front panel display.) After an hour I ended my session and shut the PC down.

The next day when I powered the computer up, the front panel display wasn't working. I opened the case and plugged the display into another Molex connector. The computer worked (with beep and without blue color in back)! I rebooted to check. It worked. But when I powered the machine off and then back on the display wasn't working. So every time that I want to turn the front panel display on, I need to connect the device to another Molex.

I'm afraid that something went wrong with the display. What can be the problem? The PSU, maybe?

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Why it's downvoted? – Little Helper Dec 10 '11 at 14:14
The front panel display would be (relatively) unique to the case manufacturer. You should identify the brand. – Daniel R Hicks Dec 10 '11 at 14:19
@DanH Gigabyte? – Little Helper Dec 10 '11 at 18:52

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