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A first, my laptop with windows 7 64bit stucks at the loading windows screen. Same with safe mode. The files are scrolling down then it stucks at:


Tried it multiple times and it gets stuck there multiple times.

When I try to boot from a usb (windows 7 64bit), it loads the files and stuck at the same loading screen as before.

So the only clue here I have so far is stucking at that CLASSPNP.sys file. But I dont get why it would when booting from a USB. I can still see the windows loading animations so the PC did hang.

Any tips?

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One suggestion, is if you have access to say... a Linux liveCD or perhaps a Hiren's CD with an "Mini" OS on it to boot from and see how that works. If all is good I would lean towards some kind of corruption of your system files AND potentially that USB Drive as well (where/when did you make it? Any possibility at all it's not pristine to use? You can also make a Hiren's bootable USB Key so I might try one of those... or perhaps also a Linux one is one that I like). I still would go with a CD first then try a USB just for giggles to see how they both react. Another choice is to try and boot a Windows installation CD/DVD. You don't have to proceed obviously but see if it can detect your existing installation and if you have a backup... you could even give Windows Repair a shot. I tend to have some pretty good luck with it at the Office.

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Gosh another thought I forgot was to try Windows Safe Command Prompt. I have had luck with that a few times when both normal and safe mode failed and I wanted to a system file check (sfc /scannow). If it's corruption of a DLL file or a SYS file, this has a good shot of fixing it. – OG Chuck Low Dec 10 '11 at 21:42

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