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I was installing gimp using macport

But it takes me 2 hours to build and install the entire dependents.

So I stopped it. But no matter I use uninstall or clean command. It took me 2GB disk. I wonder how to free them? Or I need to finish install it and then uninstall?

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Try cleaning all the packages first.

sudo port clean --all all

You can also try

sudo port uninstall inactive

If those fail, add the -f flag to force the operation.

You might also be successful using.

sudo port -f install gimp

If you don't need the latest version, download the binary from the gimp website or try the native version

If you have not installed any gtk2 dependents yer, you can try installing the native (non X11) version using the +quartz flag.

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See the Macports guide on port variants to show what actions you can do on a port.

To clean up a port ie remove files used in the build do port clean

To remove a port that has been built do port uninstall

These work on a single port and will not act on more than one port.

Also gimp does take a long time to install. To show whether it is doing something, install the port verbosely sudo port -v install gimp

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