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Currently, I have Avisynth file that output YUY2 Color space, and I want to encode it in High 4:2:2 Profile H.264.

Since my Avisynth filter isn't available in 64-bit yet, I have to use 32-bit Avisynth. I can encode it perfectly with 32-bit x264. But the 32-bit version is slower. If I use 64-bit x264, the encoder cannot load 32-bit Avisynth, and I have to pipe in.

If I am encoding in standard HiP/Hi10P profile, I can use avs2yuv, which generate YV12 raw to pipe into x264. But I cannot find any program which can pipe YUY2 colorspace (or i422 color space)

Question: Is there a way to use 64-bit x264 with 32-bit Avisynth and 4:2:2 output? Standard avs2yuv doesn't support 4:2:2, and 64-bit x264 cannot load 32-bit Avisynth directly.

PS. I usually downscale 1080p > 720p so the additional colour information is preserved.

PS2. I know I can playback High 4:2:2 file. My LAV Video Decoder & madVR can play it beautifully.

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What is your question? – AndrejaKo Dec 11 '11 at 13:19
Sorry, should be clear now. – innocenat Dec 12 '11 at 4:04

Try avs4x26x v0.10.0 or newer to pipe your AviSynth output.

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