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I have changed my shell to oh-my-zsh, which is working great in iTerm.

However when I open up my Emacs, M-x shell, I see it also changes to zsh, but the output from executing commands is messy:

➜  Public  ls

Drop Box    Dropbox-Public  tars

➜  Public  ls

Drop Box    Dropbox-Public  tars

➜  Public  

Too many empty lines! I have to change it back to bash using:

(setq explicit-shell-file-name "/bin/bash")

However I want to use zsh, since it has great plugins. For example, I can see which branch I am working on currently directly in the command line using the git plugin.

Is there anyone familiar with zsh and emacs who can help me fix this?

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emacs M-x shell is a dumb terminal, you're not going to have much luck using advanced zsh features in it =/... And just for the record, you can show git branch it bash as well (I think there's a question here on SU about it). – Malabarba Jul 4 '13 at 13:35

My zsh look messy as well with the shell command. ansi-term works better.

If you use the shell from within emacs a lot you could try MultiTerm.

I have used it for a while, but went back to a terminal shell.

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