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In my Excel sheet I have a column that was filled up with a list of values to be selected.

When the user didn't select an item from the list and tried to save, I would like to show a message box stating that you have to select an item – or is there any option to make the first item get selected from the list?

enter image description here

Sheet with AddressType this i am calling in my next sheet in which ever column i required by using Data validations available so that it comes as follows

enter image description here

By default i would like to select Office or if the user didn't select any i would like to display an error message

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See this -- click the +How links to expand the info on the page.

To post an error message, uncheck Ignore blank and go to Error Alert to change the error message.

enter image description here

This is the Excel 2007 version of the dialog, but I don't think it has undergone any radical changes

To make a default value for your dropdown cell, just type that into the cell and save the sheet that way. It seems there is no way to do this through the validation system itself.

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Where can i write this in excel i am completely new to this excel as i am .net developer – Dorababu Dec 12 '11 at 7:08
I think i may not explain my question clearly or you didn't get my question right see my updates with images – Dorababu Dec 12 '11 at 12:11

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