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In default Ubuntu ISO, the menu labeled "Install Ubuntu" includes only-ubiquity in its boot command. In default Kubuntu the menu labeled "Start Kubuntu" includes maybe-ubiquity, which will show user whether to Try Kubuntu or Install Kubuntu in a single window without desktop environment.

The problem is, only-ubiquity and maybe-ubiquity commands never worked on my remix [which is built on top of Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04], while the default Ubuntu 10.04 ISO works fine. Moreover, I don't know how ubiquity installer is activated at boot.

Can anyone tell how to fix this problem (or at least explain how to use ubiquity installer at boot)?

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needs deleteing – Rick Green Mar 13 '12 at 3:55
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Three years later, I finally have answered my own question. Surprisingly, this question was never deleted after long time. I wonder why? – clearkimura Jul 14 '15 at 9:33
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The problem was most likely packaging and/or dependencies issue.

I reached to this finding after few years of experimenting remixes on newer releases. In fact, the ubiquity commands on the old release (10.04 remix) actually worked properly after many attempts of rebuilding with trials and errors.

In other case, the installer in newer release (12.04 remix) had another issue, the installer would always crash without completing installation. Apparently, mixing old and new versions of dependencies had been causing the installer to crash.

Can anyone tell how to fix this problem

Yes. You could answer on own, at cost of numerous trials and errors with persistence.

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