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I have a location named "Café en Madrid". If I try to set it with scselect on Terminal, the accented é is turned into gibberish and the command fails:

[kodai.fernando ~/Desktop] scselect "Café en Madrid"
Set "Café en Madrid" not available.

Defined sets include: (* == current set)
   64E7FFFD-4F08-46AB-ADAF-0CF5BEC57169 (Café en Madrid)
 * E790486F-5BDE-44D7-8C1D-43940F1F551C (Sao Francisco)
   D98A096B-5D3E-4FA2-8F72-915EE50FEC5E (Automatic)

How can I fix this? No I don't want to remove the accented char.

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try to use scselect 64E7FFFD-4F08-46AB-ADAF-0CF5BEC57169 – kamae Dec 13 '11 at 13:27
@kamae It's a good suggestion, consider posting it as an answer. – Daniel Beck Dec 14 '11 at 17:14

scselect assumes its arguments is encoded as Mac OS Roman (search for kCFStringEncodingMacRoman), and Terminal is by default using Unicode (UTF-8). Change it in the preferences:

enter image description here

$ scselect "Café en Madrid"
CurrentSet updated to C88601E1-7163-429A-BB0C-E304DB2E00F7 (Café en Madrid)

Funnily enough, this breaks the output.

Consider reporting a bug to Apple.

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