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I'm looking for a utlity to track what files are being accessed on a given drive. I've got a drive of files that are accessed by other users, but trying to determine what to delete is difficult as I have to poll the users.

An ideal utility would show:

  • How many times the file has been accessed
  • The last time the file was accessed or all dates the file was accessed
  • Who accessed the file or what process accessed the file
  • How long the file was accessed for - on average

This will be run on Windows 7 Professional and ideally would run as a low-priority process.

Bonus points if the utility provides any remote access for monitoring via http.

Thanks for reading!

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Depending upon the type of data you need you might consider using Disk Monitor utility from Sysinternals toolset to log all hard drive manipulations.

If you want to collect more data, than you can use another tool, Process Monitor. It monitors the process events, but you can flexibly configure it to monitor only file system activity for given files.

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