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I'm looking for either a way to shave time by direct encoding or a way to streamline the process further. Currently the method that I'm using is as follows.

  1. Rip the track with CDex ( to a wav file.
    • (3-5min for 45 minutes +/-5)
  2. Encode the wav as wma with Windows Media Encoder ver9
    • select streaming, select voice (19 kbs voice or 37kbs radio), and set properties.
    • (another 3-5min)
  3. upload (add 2 min)
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i much prefer Exact Audio Copy over CDex (for quality reasons, which don't seem to be of great concern in this case, considering the low bitrate).

and here's a guide from the nice folks at the HydrogenAudio forums: How to configure EAC to create WMA files, using a Command Line Encoder written in VBscript (adjust the bitrate to your likings).

this will save you one step.

you can also use Windows Media player, but it requires a 'registry hack' to use custom bitrates < 48kbps.

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Thank You for the response, I've read through some of the documentation on 'Exact Audio Copy'. I like some of its features, I will be experimenting with it tonight. – greyDrifter Sep 7 '09 at 0:52
good choice, enjoy this truly outstanding CD ripper, although its talents seem to to be a bit wasted on 19kbps WMAs. but it can also do fast, not only quality :) – Molly7244 Sep 7 '09 at 1:04

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