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I have some old Python programs that I compiled with a tool called py2exe. Now I no longer have the sources but I would like to change the program icons to something meaningful. I'd also like to change the icons on some other programs to better suit my desktop. Is there a simple way to do this?

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"change the icons on some other programs to better suit my desktop" : in this case, it's not about changing icon of a program, but of a shortcut to this program, I'm guessing ? – Gnoupi Sep 7 '09 at 8:48
No, most of the icons on my desktop are portable executable, like putty or winscp. – Dan Park Sep 11 '09 at 2:49
It'd be safer, then, to replace them with shortcuts. One or two programs don't like having their stuff changed, and of course, anything that relies on an md5 will return wrong. – Phoshi Sep 18 '09 at 20:56

You can use Resource Hacker:

enter image description here

Although this is fine for your programs, it is likely against the EULA for the commercial applications you have so you may want to read over them.

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can't do without it :) +1 – Molly7244 Sep 6 '09 at 23:28
+1 Agreed, nice app – alex Sep 11 '09 at 6:22

There is also XN Resource Editor.

XN Resource Editor

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+1 ^^ Better than ResHacker, and since it had x64 support as soon as it was needed, and far before ResHacker, I switched long ago. – paradroid Aug 17 '11 at 7:38

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