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I'm tired of renting my cable modem and am wondering how to tell them apart. Some are 1/2 the price of others yet they all seem the same. What are the criteria one should look for when purchasing a cable modem.

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I'd say the following three are the most important, in my opinion:

  1. DOCSIS version supported. Version 3.0 supports higher speeds (and multiple channels), as well as IPv6. I had to upgrade my modem because my older one (DOCSIS 2.0) couldn't be used for 50mbps cable broadband.

  2. Support by your cable company. Ask them what they support and/or recommend. If you get something they don't support, your cable company will blame your modem for every problem you get with your broadband...

  3. Level of support/warranty from the modem's manufacturer. This is a personal preference of course.

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