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How can I make the Windows VPN route selective traffic (by destination network)?
How To Use Local Internet Connection To Access Internet While Still Connected with VPN

I am using the built in Windows 7 VPN to connect to my work network however when I browse the internet its going through the VPN. How do I stop this?

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What type of vpn are you using? –  Zoredache Dec 15 '11 at 3:15
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  • Open Network Connections
  • Select VPN connection
  • Properties
  • TCP/IP - properties
  • Advanced
  • On General tab uncheck "Use default gateway..."
  • OK-OK-OK
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You need to remove the default gateway that's being set by your VPN (you might have to ask your work's IT support guy, as it might be a setting that's pushed out from the VPN server). A temporary fix can be obtained as follows:

  1. Start a command prompt as administrator.
  2. Check your current gateways with route print (There will be a lot more, but this is the part you're looking for):

    IPv4 Route Table
    Active Routes:
    Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
           XX.YY.48.1     XX.YY.50.199     20
       4000         On-link    286

    (Your Metrics might be different, and your IPs will likely be different, but you can see I have two default gateways here (the entries) One of them will correspond to your internet, and one will correspond to your VPN.)

  3. Delete the appropriate gateway with route delete <gateway>. In this example, to delete the gateway, we'd use route delete
    Don't worry too much about making a mistake here; the routing table is regenerated every time you reboot the machine, or connect/disconnect from a network. If you get the wrong gateway and take down all of your internet, just reboot and reconnect.

This is only a temporary fix. Ideally, you'd contact your tech support at your work and ask him how to make the VPN stop pushing a default gateway. Another alternative is to adjust the metric of the VPN gateway, so that the system prefers the non-VPN connection (as you can see in the example, while I have two gateways, one is set with a really high metric (think "cost") to use it, and so the system only uses it if it has no other choice).

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