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When I used to press the Insert in internet explorer, I was able to "type over" text. In Google Chrome it seems the Insert has no effect. How do I give it an effect (enable me to type-over text)?

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In Chrome you have to select the text you want to overwrite. You can either tripple-click on the text to select the whole paragraph / url address or you can left-click the beginning and the drag until the end of the text you would like to overwrite. You can also double-click to select one word/string.

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You could also use a Chrome extension such as IE Tab Multi (Enhance) that gives you IE-like window inside Chrome session. – Refineo Mar 29 '12 at 17:06
Selecting the text doesn't provide the overwrite behaviour that was the topic of the question. Overwrite mode is handy when you need to keep fixed-width text formatting. – Jack Shainsky Apr 19 '12 at 10:38

You can't. A bug has been reported on Sept 26, 2011 and yet to be fixed. You can add your vote at

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You can edit the text on a page by using right-clicking on the text, choosing "Inspect Element", find the text in the "Elements" page and double clicking on it. This will allow you to edit it and your changes will be reflected in the browser window. (Bear in mind that your changes are only temporary and will be long once you reload the page).

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This doesn't seem to answer the question at all, please reread the question. – jonsca Oct 13 '12 at 10:57

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