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I've been looking around the web, and I have yet to get a conclusive answer to this question.

I have purchased a Radeon HD 6970 and I want to run 3 monitors off of it. The monitors I am using take only VGA or DVI. The 6970 has 2x DVI, 2x Mini DisplayPort, and a single HDMI port. Clearly I'll use DVI-DIV-x... But what do I use for the last monitor? I've heard there are some issues with using HDMI to DVI passive converters... Does anyone have a definitive answer to this?

Preferably, I'd like to be able to use HDMI with something like this

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Ok - I've found a definitive answer. The config on multi monitor setups MUST be DVI-DIV-DP. Essentially, the 6970 cannot use both DVI and HDMI for Eyefinity. is a probably a good option. – guywhoneedsahand Dec 15 '11 at 1:23

I work in a Dell Shop and I use the Display Port to DVI adapters all the time, they work just fine. I can't see why the mini DPs would be any different.

Knock yerself out Kiddo.

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I shoulda just said yes, use the link you posted, it's just fine. – OG Chuck Low Dec 15 '11 at 2:10

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