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I often open my terminal with multiple tabs, and exit with exit command in Ubuntu.
What about mac? Except the Cmd+w.

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Not sure if you have such a command, but I believe you can set up Mac OS X terminal to close when you type exit.

This will close the window but not the terminal app. Please have a look at this question about how to also quite the terminal app when typing exit.

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So there's no native command like exit? Well, I see. Thank you, @OleBrun. :) – Kjuly Dec 15 '11 at 8:07

I also had this question, but I really don't like the osascript hack. Finally I found this answer at Ask Different. I think it's a native.


The above screenshot shows a Terminal dialog in German, which when translated roughly means:

the end of the shell
conclude if no error occurred.

So it looks like you could configure Terminal to close when the shell is terminated.

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