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I'm troubleshooting an issue with importing data to Apache Solr from a MS SQL Server database via a JDBC connection. Solr is hosted on a CentOS linux machine, and SQL Server is (of course) on a seperate Windows Server box.

I can see the login attempt on SQL Server, but it stops at a single Audit Login event, and Solr never completes the query, and never throws an exception. The same SQL user works fine when connecting directly; leading me to suspect either a network issue or (possibly) a SQL configuration issue. What's more, the production Solr box successfully queries the QA database.

What basic CLI utility can I run from the Solr/Linux box to connect to SQL Server, using the same JDBC driver and parameters, to test if I'm able to perform basic SQL queries?

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I would use Squirrel SQL or DBVis both are Java based and need a JDBC driver, so you can use the same one. Great tools.

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Thanks! I forgot to specify that this is a command-line only server, but I'll see if by chance I can run it remotely over xming – STW Dec 16 '11 at 14:23

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