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In Internet Explorer, when I switch my keyboard language in a tab, it doesn't affect other tabs that are already open (i.e., they retain their original kbd languages). Can I achieve the same in Firefox? Currently, when I switch the keyboard language in FF, it changes in all tabs.

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Please have a look at TabLang.

Allows you to keep separate keyboard layout for each tab and automatically changes system input locale when switching between tabs or windows - the feature Firefox lacks in comparison with Internet Explorer.


  • Changing keyboard layout when switching between tabs/windows (including sidebars)
  • Configurable default keyboard layout for new tabs/windows
  • Opening link in new tab/window preserves keyboard layout
  • Preserving independent keyboard layout for address bar globally or on pre-tab basis
  • Preserving independent keyboard layout for web search bar and page find bar
  • Session restore support
  • Undo close tab, tab drag-n-drop and tear-off support
  • Panorama (tab grouping) support

enter image description here

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