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I've got a number of unordered folders on a memory stick, which my car stereo shows in order of their real position on the stick (i.e. same as ls -U) What's the easiest way of physically reordering these directories? (moving all directories to a 'tmp' folder and back seems to work via GUI, but not particularly elegant...)


fatsort (see answer below) seems to do the job nicely.
The order of actions is now:
1. sudo umount /media/USB_STICK_NAME
2. sudo blkid (which tells me the device: /dev/sdc1: LABEL="USB_STICK_NAME" ...)
3. sudo fatsort /dev/sdc1

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if your memory stick was ext<2,3>, i'd say run fsck.ext<2,3> -D on it. as that would compact and sort the directories. but as it most likely fat32, i don't have a clue. – Dan D. Dec 16 '11 at 15:15
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You should take a look at this link:

According to what I am reading there is a utility called FATSort which can re-arrange the files for you.

It is actually also available from the Ubuntu repositories so:

sudo apt-get install fatsort
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For a tool that integrates fatsort and provides features on top of it:


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