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I want tor to actually run but it tries to setup the built-in proxy against the one that's on my computer. I can't uninstall the one on my computer, but I was wondering how I change the proxy port so it stops trying to go through the previous proxy. It wants me to find the username and password of the proxy that's on my computer, instead of it using the one built in. If this can be done, how to I change the Tor proxy to go through a different route/ip or whatever it needs?

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if you are using Chrome

Go to options


Then under "Advanced settings" you will find the option to change proxy settings

then Go to Lan settings in internet options enter image description here

check the "use a proxy...." but do not enter anything here enter image description here

Instead click advanced then under "socks"

enter the following

Proxy address:localhost
port :9050

Leave other fields empty and apply the settings(click ok on all)

Then enter

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