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Is there any fully function SVN client for firefox or chrome? Actually I have a lot of work on svn and internet so I am looking for some sort of addon of firefox or chrome which allows me to access svn and perform svn operations directly from the browser?

I know about one of suc kind : Tortoise SVN firefox extension but it is not that good to be much useful to me.

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I really depends on what you are trying to do. It looks like Tortoise extensions and Firefox plugins are your only source right now for this unless you use a paying service extesion/plugin.

Here's the link to the Tortoise Chrome Extension, but you have to have Tortoise SVN installed on your local machine in order to use it: Open TortoiseSVN For Google Chrome

Can you give some more detail to what you specifically need to do with that browser that restricts you from using native applications to browse/send commands to svn?

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