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How will I know whether my laptop computer is being shared through TCP and IP or not been shared? What command should I look or click through? When I click the button bar for Local Area Connection Properties, it only show the General Button. By the way my computer OS is Windows XP. I appreciate if someone can help me. Thanks.

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Shared? Like shared files?

An easy way might be to enable the windows-firewall and forbid all excludes.

Or you can check your "exclude" list if allowing exclusions. (Disable File-Sharing.)

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netstat will show you the connections with port numbers. If you know which port number the sharing uses you can then identify which computer is using the shares.

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Go to computer manager under Admin Tools, and have a look at the Shares section, Windows XP will have some default shares like C$ and 2 or 3 others, these are administrative shares, you remove them at your own peril, but if you are running with a blank password, or easy-to-guess password for your admin user, then it would be safer to delete these.

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