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I have a Thomson TG585 V7 router (Flash image : , Build name : ZZ5XKB8.277)

I want to Connect and Disconnect the internet via Telnet.

This is very easy from the web interface, but things are getting difficult via telnet. Any ideas?

PS. Even on other routers, where do you go to do this? I am clueless

[firewall]     [service]      [connection]   [cwmp]         [dhcp]
[dns]          [dsd]          [dyndns]       [eth]          [atm]
[config]       [debug]        [env]          [expr]         [hostmgr]
[ids]          [igmp]         [interface]    [ip]           [ipqos]
[label]        [language]     [mbus]         [memm]         [mlp]
[nat]          [ppp]          [pptp]         [script]       [sntp]
[software]     [statecheck]   [system]       [systemlog]    [tls]
[upgrade]      [upnp]         [user]         [wireless]     [xdsl]

this is the menu of the router via telnet.

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i feel proud about my self!

Disconnect internet

:ppp ifdetach intf=Internet

Connect internet

:ppp ifattach intf=Internet
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