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I am running Linksys E2000 with TomatoUSB (on the 2nd floor) as a "switch" connected to my main router (d-link 655 with stock firmware on the 1st floor, wireless disabled). All my computers are wired connected to the E2000 and there are some devices (iPod, phones, tab) connected wirelessly. The firmware I am using is the one specificly for E2000 (ver 1.28 beta).

I want to monitor the web usage (not bandwidth) - ip/url people visited etc. I found the web usage configuration, but it's not logging anything. I have left it on for several days and knowing for sure that the computers/devices have been used to browse the web etc - but the "Web Usage" log remains empty.

Is there anything special that I need to configure beyond the loggin config or is it not possible to log web-usage when it's not used as the main router?

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