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When I go to Device Manager, under Network adapters I have an Intel(R) 82567V-2 Gigabit Network Connection adapter that has a yellow exclamation point. I am trying to upgrade its drivers but I cannot.

What I have tried

  1. Right click on the adapter/Properties/Driver/Upgrade Driver.../Search Automatically for driver software. I get a message stating that "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date". However the yellow warning is still there.

  2. Downloaded the 64 version found in this link and run it.

No luck either.

I think that having those errors in that adapter is interfering with the Rooting process for Kindle Fire through SuperOneClick. See my original problem here.

Any ideas?

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Is your computer an OEM model? If so, download the proper drivers from the manufacturer's website. – iglvzx Dec 19 '11 at 2:44
I built my own PC. My copy of Windows is an OEM System Builder edition. Isn't the link that I have provided on step 2 above where I should be getting the newest drivers? – Viriato Dec 19 '11 at 6:44
Are you sure the 'yellow exclamation point' is related to the driver? Read the device's properties to determine what the exact problem is! – HaydnWVN Dec 19 '11 at 9:21

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