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I've set up bluetooth dial up networking (dun) from my windows 7 laptop via my phone.

The Problem: Stop Prompting me already

Whenever I start up my laptop from standby/hibernate and it's not connected to the internet (via wifi or ethernet) Win7 prompts me repeatedly to "connect dial up connection".

Example, if i have 10 firefox tabs open, Win7 will prompt me 10 times to connect bluetooth DUN.

My question Here's my question: How do I say "No. And don't ask me again in the near future" ?


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You can set your Internet Options to never attempt to (automatically) make a connection to DUN:


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There's only one option. Do not setup a dial-on-demand connection. There is no "don't prompt me for 15-minutes" option... and no way to implement that with the default windows dialer.

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Could you clarify what I should do (i.e. as opposed to "not do") to get past this problem? Any specifics would help, as I don't know the details of windows networking UI. – user45705 Dec 19 '11 at 16:06

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