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I've got a 1024x600 display on my laptop that, while large enough for most of my activities (I'm running a pretty heavily customized XMonad setup) is cramped for web browsing. I've done a lot to make Chromium render the web smaller -- smaller fonts, reduced default image scaling, etc.

The thing I want to do now is to make the Chromium top bar itself smaller. I'm running it without close/minimize buttons or borders, so the only waste of space is in the large size of the tab bar and address bar (and neighboring back/fwd/refresh and tools/extensions buttons). Fullscreen mode doesn't work under my WM setup, and even if it did, I'd still like access to a tab bar of some kind. Is there a way to make the fonts that the Tab bar and the Address bar use smaller or scale the entire interface down some?

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I've tagged this as Chrome as well, since they're so similar and might have similar solutions to this problem. I hope that's okay.

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Unfortunately, Chrome does not (yet?) include a built-in (read easy, practical) way to alter the actual shape or size of the interface elements. Themes only allow you to set textures and colors, which is why if you look at available themes, they all have the same sizes and shapes.

I would imagine that there are others who have asked about it, but if so, I cannot seem to filter out the relevant issues (though chances are good that they have been unceremoniously closed anyway).

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