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When I try to access secure page using smartcard I get "looking for credential tiles..." dialog and IE stays there for ever. Only option is then to rebot PC.

After reboot I can always access the site for the first time but when I leave the site or logof and try to access it later it doesn't work and I need rebot.

I'm using Win7 32bit sp1

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This sound like a problem unique to your computer. Have you tried to use a different browser? I understand your unlikely to have this ability. Is this a pesonal or work PC? – Ramhound Dec 20 '11 at 14:09

Check the list of Windows services. This can happen if a third party software has disabled the service "Credential Manager Service" (VaultSvc).

Start a command line with administrative permissions (Start, enter cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Return) then type

net start VaultSvc

Afterwards retry accessing the secure page. The dialog "looking for credential tiles..." should be only visible for a short time now.

BTW: On German systems the error message is "Anmeldeinformationen werden gesucht.." and the service name is "Anmeldeinformationsverwaltung"

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Clicking "No", then doing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then "Cancel" will get you out of this without a reboot.

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