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I use Tumblr's sharing bookmarklet a lot ( This opens up a popup window with basically the following url:<current page url>&t=<current page title>

However I almost always change a few things (use the queue instead of posting right away and set a specific tag).

Does anyone know if the share URL accepts extra parameters? That way I could make one bookmark that tags the post with "x" and queues it, and another that invokes the usual behavior. I can't find a useful documentation.

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I think your best bet would be to ask your question in the Google Groups group for the Tumblr API. I do know that the parameters, or state in the parlance of Tumblr, can be affected so long as those attributes are specified in your script coding. Also, you have to be pretty specific about what type of post you’re making, like text, photo / photoset, audio, link, video, quote, and so forth.

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