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I have a DVD which is already written few folders along with files, but now I want to delete few unwanted folders along with files. Is it possible?

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If the CD or DVD was not closed (i.e. not finalized) after it was recorded, you can continue your session anytime, i.e. you can add/remove the files and folders you want. This is what I usually do with non-rewritable discs.

The option to close a disc can be found on "Write Options" dialog box in most of the CD/DVD burning programs. Just uncheck it to make sure you can add/remove files to your disc later.

enter image description here

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so how to delete files if the disk is not finalized ? – pheromix Mar 7 at 9:16
Open your disc-writing tool and delete the relevant files from your disc using the app interface. @pheromix – Mehper C. Palavuzlar Mar 10 at 14:05

Unless the disk support rewritting ( i.e. DVDRW ) this is not possible. If you are dealing with non-rewrittable disk ( i.e. CDRW, DVDRW, BR+RW ) they are design to be written to once. You also have to have the ability to write to these rewrittable disks

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