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I am currently using Debian 6, and am thinking of switching to Slackware. I shall try to make this as least like the common "is it good" threads as I can.

Basically, I am an undergraduate Computer Science student, and am fairly proficient in Java; currently learning Haskell.

I really like the look of Slackware, and am thinking of installing it on my laptop tonight. My question is this; given my programming experience (I do not mean that to be as arrogant as it sounds), will Slackware configuration be difficult?

I have been using GNU/Linux for some time, but have never had to resolve dependencies myself. Unfortunately, I do not have a test machine, and will not have time to tinker too much when term starts again in a couple of weeks.

If I installed slack tonight, would it be realistic to assume that I would have a window manager and dev tools set up in a reasonable amount of time? ACPI/niceties can wait for the minute. Crucial functionality would be Java/C++/Haskell dev tools and LaTeX.

Thanks for your time.

Jack Hunt.

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I really have no idea about linux computing and only understand in the most general terms what your are asking, but wouldn't it be possible to create a Virtual OS with this config so you can tinker around? Or maybe use a LiveCD? –  user 99572 is fine Dec 20 '11 at 22:57

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