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I have this problem with chrome: Whenever g Google Chrome is open my HDD spins really fast

Anyway, after reading this, exerpt:

Hi Tim,

You can also tell Chrome to use a random folder for the profile data by adding a 
command line switch:


That will place everything (cookies, history...) there.

Just for completeness, to move only the cache out of the profile directory:


I was thinking it would be great if i could just mount a chuck of memory as a hard disk and then direct chrome to use that. If this is possible then I'd imagine there should be some application out there can do it.

Does it sound possible? does anyone have a solution for it?

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Yes, it's possible – see RAM disk.

On Windows NT, there exist several third-party drivers: ImDisk, Dataram RAMDisk, and others. (Wikipedia has a list.)

On Linux, use mount -t tmpfs none /path to mount a tmpfs instance on top of any directory.

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ramdisk FTW. it worked. thanks – Jason Dec 21 '11 at 0:40

I have successfully used the freeware Gavotte RAMdisk for this under Windows XP.

If you are using a 32-bit operating system, you can use memory beyond the 3.25 GB limit for creating the RAM disk. Here is an article form Tom's Hardware about this.

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