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Can we configure Notepad++ to run an Oracle script? I mean, once we wrote some script (assume a PL/SQL script containing a procedure), can it be compiled from Notepad++ editor itself? If it is possible, what are the steps to do that?

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Yes, you can create a Command in Notepad++, which can run any program, and you can get out the FULL_CURRENT_PATH to the currently open file, which you could send in as a parameter.

So all you'd need is a tool that will connect to an Oracle instance and execute a a file containing your sql script. Maybe you can do that with SQL*Plus, otherwise you can find tools on the net that'll let you do that, just search for something like tool to execute sql script oracle command line. Or it should be quite easy to write a tiny app that takes in a file containing a sql script and connects to the db and executes it.

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Thanks alot, Its really useful for me, – madhu Dec 22 '11 at 7:04

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