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In my MS Outlook 2010 I have my "Personal Folders" data file, and a secondary data file (.pst) opened. All fine.

However, under contacts I see the Contacts of my local Personal folders, as I do see the Contacts of the secondary pst file. While for calendars I can explicitly set which calendar to display, for contacts I can only arrange the search order (move up / down).

How can I disable the search of contacts for the secondary data file? It is disturbing to get them displayed, e.g when searching for email. Basically I only have opened the file to have its emails available.

-- Answer ppuschmann --

enter image description here

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Give this on a try:

  • Right click on the 'contacts'-folder you'd like to disable
  • Choose "Outlook-Addressbook"
  • deselect the "use as addressbook"...

Of course Outlook has some special "intelligence"...

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Do you mean the above (see screenshot in main question)? – Horst Walter Dec 21 '11 at 17:18
Yes. Does it work to you? – ppuschmann Jan 2 '12 at 8:43
Sorry, somehow missed to mark it. – Horst Walter Jan 2 '12 at 11:39

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